1,2,3…Stella! Energy dancing in shapes and numbers

10 aprile 2018, 12:45pm 10 aprile 2018, 12:45pm

We’ll explore the symbolic meaning of numbers and shapes in dance.
We’ll teach some new dances and variations that Italian teachers created.
We’ll provide to give an English translation during the workshop for foreign people.
We’ll have a trip to te sea and to Alberobello and we’ll have accomodation in Masseria Sant’Anna  www.masseriasantanna.it (english page)
Let’s join us!!!!

Monopoli (BA) – Masseria S.Anna

August 30th – September 2nd 2018


Energy dancing in shapes and numbers 

Italian teachers: Carolina Botti, Fiore Maniori, Fulvia Campanella, Lina Danza, Marialaura Romagnoli e Rosella D’Amato

 Register before June  30th (Reduced rate before April 30th)

        Fulvia +39 340 6058483 (only speaks italian)

        Marialaura +44 789 5010454  (speaks english)